National Traffic Incident Response   Awareness Week  November 11-17, 2018

 Traffic Incident Response: Everybody’s Responsibility  

Please help raise awareness from November 11th to 17th about the dangers emergency responders face at traffic incidents!  

Every minute of every day emergency responders across the country work tirelessly to help save lives at the scene of traffic incidents.   

Every year hundreds of emergency responders representing fire, law enforcement, emergency medical services, towing and transportation agencies are struck and either injured or killed while responding.  

The majority of drivers do not know to move over and slow down when they see responders working on our roadways.  

Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey have passed Move Over laws, which require motorists to “Move Over” and change lanes to provide a safe distance for law enforcement officers or other responders on roadsides.    


Social media campaign – DVRPC is coordinating with response agencies to share content through local networks to get as many eyes as possible on Move Over Laws and responder safety. Post your picture and/or personal message to your personal accounts and/or to your agency's accounts (following your agencies policies and procedures). Be sure to tag @DVRPC on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so we can share your post with our network!   


Collectively encourage EVERY DRIVER to move over and slow down to protect responders (public works, fire, law enforcement, tow, EMS, transportation, etc.) working on our roadways as well as any person indicating distress on the side of the road.  


November 11-17 is National Traffic Incident Response Week. We’re all in this together. We all should do our part. #MoveOver  

When approaching an emergency, law enforcement, towing, or utility vehicle, #MoveOverSlowDown  

Watch out for responders at traffic incidents, lives depend on it! #MoveOver  

Emergency responders work tirelessly to save lives at traffic incidents. Slow down and move over, for them, and for you. #MoveOver

When you see lights, vests, or reflectors on the roadside, #MoveOverSlowDown

#MoveOver--It’s the law.

#MoveOver--It’s the right thing to do.


Can’t change lanes? Slow it down instead.

Flashing lights = #Move over

Give us room. #MoveOver   

Move over. Save someone’s life.

Please move over. Our families depend on it. Give us space. Save someone’s life. #MoveOver Slow down and move over…for us and or you. – Public Service Announcement Video   

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation – Steer Clear Law  

Pennsylvania State Police – Rules of the Road  

New Jersey – Move Over Law  

 New Jersey Statewide TIM – Training Resource Portal